Twenty Two

I don’t know about you,
but maybe one day you felt twenty two.
We’ve all been told youth is wasted on the young
and we’ve all wanted to prove them wrong.
“If they’d listen to us
they wouldn’t waste their young days,”
but I have listened.
Believe me, I’ve been listening.
I’ve been waiting
so long
and now, I must speak.
Wisdom is not cynical.
Marriage is not a drudgery
because it is not better to live so inwardly obsessed.
All our clever words are ash,
and our neglect for silence ruins our speech.
The young should sit quietly before the old
and the old should heed the words of the young.
There must be balance in all things;
not many things are black and white.
Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things;
it does not compromise or seek its own way.

I’ve earned nothing in these twenty two years
and you’ve earned nothing in your forty three or sixty eight.
This world is one inherited.
Our childhood, our opportunities, our culture, our bodies,
all things given.
So what has age gifted you
that silence and searching have not afforded me?
Teach me, so I may learn,
but do not hold me back by a standard.
Do not tell me I cannot reach where I go to
because you did not succeed.
I will go there.


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