Blood On The Street

blood on the street
blood on the seat in the
car, guns pointed at
blood in our hearts-
Black and White and red
all over the news,
fear precipitating
commercials, articles propagating
fear- entrenching
minds in culture divides
we all want the killing to stop
but who is willing to
die? what are you willing
to not buy? there’s
blood on our hands because there’s
blood in our wallets, dripping
ignorance- hear the voice
calling from beyond the
dark, the moral arc
bends toward us- the
‘Us’ that transcends these
divisive days; we defy
by the blood of a true
King, murdered by the state
of a nation like ours, scheming
principalities that hover
over our cities
late at night while we
sleep, there’s blood in our dreams-
Wake up.
He’s alive and so are we
for now-
for this-
Wake up.


Inward Eyes

‘I and my’ thoughts and words
spoken inside, lived out
our separate eyes look outside
through inner lens,
not seeing [out there] that which
cannot be found inside

Your words- drip down through
our distance like a filter, finding
no place to rest your heart in me-
after we part, become ‘I’s
again, feel some lonely emptiness
of only knowing self-
and a certain self, unknown

A glimpse of seeing out
both our eyes, together-
[if you’ve been looking for Him…]
hearts burning, hands working
[…this is God!]
the earth in rhythm, beneath
crumbled stone columns and
courthouse stairs, relearning how
to garden

Into the fire, thoughts of belonging-
moving dirt around our
industry hearts of steel- roots
grow down to break
for the Rebuilding
[our unblinding]

And now [and then] when
our eyes meet- the ‘you’
in me and ‘I’ in you,
we wonder
[no longer in fear]
as the saplings bask in
Morning’s light.




Rumi: There’s Nothing Ahead

Lovers think they’re looking for each other,
but there’s only one search: wandering
this world is wandering that,
both inside one
transparent sky. In here there is
no dogma and no heresy.

The miracle of Jesus is himself, not what he said
or did about the future. Forget the future.
I’d worship someone who could do that.

On the way you may want to look back, or not.
But if you can say, There’s nothing ahead,
there will be nothing there.
Stretch your arms
and take hold of the cloth of your clothes
with both hands. The cure for pain is in the pain.
Good and bad are mixed. If you don’t have both,
you don’t belong with us.
When one of us gets lost,
is not here, he must be inside us. There’s no
place like that anywhere in the world.