Inward Eyes

‘I and my’ thoughts and words
spoken inside, lived out
our separate eyes look outside
through inner lens,
not seeing [out there] that which
cannot be found inside

Your words- drip down through
our distance like a filter, finding
no place to rest your heart in me-
after we part, become ‘I’s
again, feel some lonely emptiness
of only knowing self-
and a certain self, unknown

A glimpse of seeing out
both our eyes, together-
[if you’ve been looking for Him…]
hearts burning, hands working
[…this is God!]
the earth in rhythm, beneath
crumbled stone columns and
courthouse stairs, relearning how
to garden

Into the fire, thoughts of belonging-
moving dirt around our
industry hearts of steel- roots
grow down to break
for the Rebuilding
[our unblinding]

And now [and then] when
our eyes meet- the ‘you’
in me and ‘I’ in you,
we wonder
[no longer in fear]
as the saplings bask in
Morning’s light.