Invitation to the Center

Is Christ divided?
Is the category under the title, “Christian,” divided?
I would think we can all agree on the answer.
Do we divide the body of Christ?
What do you, personally, gain from dividing yourself from other parts/denominations/ideological sects of Christianity?
What do you lose? (You may not think you lose much.)

The body of Christ is divided.
Is the mind of Christ divided?
I believe we would agree that it is not.
If the mind of Christ belongs to Christ, we cannot divide it.
We can only deviate from it.
The division in the body of Christ shows that most Christians have deviated from the mind of Christ.

I will not propose which ideologies or groups have deviated from the mind of Christ.
I will propose that our feelings of entitlement to our opinions are unfounded.
I will propose that our beliefs, as individuals, that we have opinions that we, our individual selves, have formed through wisdom and understanding are unfounded.
Human minds are not bent on creating true ideas, but rather, subscribing to created ideas which bring them safety and comfort.
Until you understand and accept this, you will not find a way to a truly personally-held belief.

The Bible says, “You have the mind of Christ.”
It does not say this to us, but to a local church in antiquity.
Experience is evident; we do not all have the same mind and heart, but it seems (probably because of our lazy/purposefully deceptive media) that we tend to ascribe to the minds of authority and ideological tribe.
If this proposition stirs a defensive response in your mind, it may apply to you.
In truth, it applies to all of us.
We have to have a better mind.

I believe that the mind of Christ is a gift to answer the questions of this division in the body.
We are prone to division.
Many of us have admitted to being prone to sin.
It is amazing how we can believe this, and yet, believe we are absolute in our political ideologies and economic self-righteousness.
Greed is of the most deceptive sins-
it likes to point your finger toward the richer and poorer and blame them for inequality.
Love points your finger, first, at yourself, and then opens your hands for the work set before you.

In spite of a proliferation of meaningless spouting and respouting ideas that are not our own, but sound useful toward our arguments, I project this cluster of ideas.
I believe that the mind of Christ is to heal, to weigh carefully the consequences of our ideologies, and to bring balance to instability.
We have mistakenly put our trust in right and left, believing that we must all run to one side of the ship, lest it tip over in the other direction for the folly of the other side.
Christ sleeps on a cushion in the middle,
in the quiet place, waiting to be awakened.

It seems we have been entrusted with decisions to make in this world, as Adam and Eve were left in care of the garden.
Christ appeared again as a gardener, signifying the profession his followers would take up.
It is time to plant and to build for the future.
Simple answers are given by those who know that fools will follow.
Difficult questions, problems that transcend our current knowledge, are held in the palms of wisdom and truth.

We have the opportunity to step toward the center.
We have the responsibility to abandon our allegiances to those who speak falsely and seek division- to think as freely as we can muster, renewing our minds.
We will be responsible for either the destruction or the reconstitution of human life on this planet.
Come to the center
where Christ is making peace.