Head Full

Words and interactions flow through
ill-perceived, with a
head full of too many
questions, fearful of life and the
not enoughs.

Concentration, I haven’t even
thought about it until I’ve
been lost in a headache of obsessive
mind-tripping. This is not
me, it’s fear.

Out of control, spinning, knuckles
white from gripping,
slipping into reality-
where chaos is an object and not
my concern.

Like a dervish in rapture,
my hands pry loose
[though against my will, at first]
from this life
that I keep calling


Become The Night

The time has come-
You must leave the normalcy of your home.
Open the door and step into the night.
Feel the winter air dissolve your
skin as you surrender to the dark.
Let the sound of the breeze through the dead
leaves above draw you in.
Leave the frailty of your frame
and become the night.
Meld with the moon and see the tops of
clouds illuminated by your shining eyes.
Pass beyond the tops of distant mountains
and feel the Earth lie still underneath your hands.
Be the still silence that is forever,
the Silence that formed you in itself.